Walk-ins are welcome, but fittings are by appointment only.
Fitting appointments are 2 hours long and are free. They include coffee, tea, water.

We also provide free one-hour follow-up, pick-up, and accessories appointments.

Please give us 48 hours notice if you can’t make it!


  • Bring up to four guests (additional guests will be charged $25/person).

  • Wear the undergarments or shapewear you’ll wear on your wedding day.

  • Apply minimal, neutral makeup – focus on the dress (and avoid lipstick stains).

  • Wear your hair up or down, however you’ll wear it on your wedding day.

  • Have a snack before you arrive. Hangry brides aren’t happy brides.

  • Buy the dress that fits you now. You can always take it in.

  • Enjoy yourself, keep an open mind, and have fun!


  • Hold back your true feelings about a dress. It’s your decision!

  • Wear outside footwear. Please leave them at the door.

  • Bring any food and drink. We provide tea and coffee.

  • Bring children under 8-yrs. We want your visit to be stress-free for everyone.

  • Body shame. Focus on what you do like, not what you don’t.

Add-on Option: Bubbly Appointment $60. Includes all the regular perks plus plus 5 glasses of sparkling wine. $10 per extra glass.

We’re here to help you. Ask us anything. Call 306.584.7762 to book your appointment.


We’ll shut our doors and give you the celebrity treatment! This 2-hour package includes:

  • Two-hour private bridal consultation

  • Two bridal stylists

  • Unlimited guests

  • Exclusive boutique access

  • Complimentary tea and coffee

A sparkling wine service is also available for an extra charge of $60.

We require a credit card to hold VIP appointments. Please give 48-hours notice if you cancel a fitting appointment, or a $100 fee will be changed to your credit card. Call 306.584.7762 or email appt@sweetpeaandnoelle.com to book your VIP appointment.